Serving parts of Middle TN, Southeastern TN, and Huntsville, AL


Our Journey to Raw

​​We are proud owners of large breed dogs that are considered members of our family.
 Justice Maximus

January 2002 - February 2011

Our family has worked to find healthy alternatives for ourselves and feel that our four-legged family members deserve the same. Our journey began in 2011 after losing our beloved Justice to an adverse vaccine reaction. Since then it has been our mission to find and utilize only the best practices for our dogs. After trying countless brands of high-quality grain-free processed dog foods, we have found that nothing has been more beneficial to our dogs than Tefco holistic raw pet food. The paleo raw diet has provided them with healthier coats, cleaner teeth, and a longer life expectancy. It is our family’s passion to educate others on the healthy alternatives available as we aim to provide
Tefco Paleo Food pet products throughout Middle Tennessee,
Southeastern Tennessee, and Northern Alabama.

Tefco Distributor Information:
We distribute to parts of Middle TN, Southeastern TN, and Huntsville, AL.

Local pick-up and delivery services available.

Renegade Ajana
Shoshanna Adrianna
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