Serving parts of Middle TN, Southeastern TN, and Huntsville, AL


Meet The Pack

Below is a list of our exceptional staff. We are here to offer professional support and to assist you with all your individual raw dog product needs.  Here at Pavlov's customer service is our #1 priority.
  1. Trish Miller
    Trish Miller
    Co-Leader of the Pack
  2. Renegade Ajana
    Renegade Ajana
    Quality Assurance
  3. Shoshanna Adrianna
    Shoshanna Adrianna
    Head of Security
  4. Justice Maximus
    Justice Maximus
    Our 1st Furbaby...Always Loved, Never Forgotten Jan. 2002 - Feb. 2011
  5. Dan Miller
    Dan Miller
    Leader of the Pack